Drinks Menu

Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant in Bridgnorth - Drinks Menu

  HOUSE WINES  Glass  Bottle             RED WINES CONT... Bottle 
 1. Dry White £3.75  £9.95 11. Puente del Inca Cabernet Sauvihnon – Chile  £14.95  
 2. Medium Dry White  £3.75 £9.95 Berry aromas and ripe berry fruit flavours    
 3. Red  £3.75 £9.95        
        12. Azabahe Tempranillo, Rioja – Spain  £14.95  
  WHITE WINES       Violet red with a bouquet of berries. Very fruity on the palate    
 4. Puente del Inca Chardonnay – Chile    £13.95 13. Rocheburg Pinotage – South Africa  £14.95  
  Golden colours giving tropical fruit flavours       Full fruity nose with strawberry and herby aromatics    
 5. Pinot Grigio, San Antonio – Italy    £14.95 14. Richmond Ridge Shiraz Cabernet – Australia  £14.95  
  Crisp, aromatic wine that is light straw with green tints in colour. Fruity, flowery bouquet.       Crimson colour with purple hues. The wine shows lifted blackberry fruit mingled with pepper and spice    
 6. Villa Rosa Sauvignon Blanc – Chile    £14.95 15. Ancora Sangiovese de Puglia – Italy  £14.95  
  Lovely and smooth with lots of fresh fruit flavours       Aromas of red berry and damson fruit. Juicy berry fruit and a hint of spiciness    
 7. Chablis La Colombe – France    £17.95      
  Flinty on the nose with creamy fruit underneath. Ripe buttery sensation with a long, crisp bite       ROSÉ WINES    
 8. Rocheburg Chein Blanc – South Africa    £14.95 16. Pinot Grigio Rose San Antonio -  Italy  £14.95  
  Fruity wine with tropical flavours and crisp finish       Fresh, fruity, slightly off-dry rose with delicate aromas of red berries. Crisp and lively on the palate with strawberry and red cherry fruit and a delicate, lightly fruity finish    
 9. Villa Rosa Merlot – Chile    £14.95 17. Asti Soprani Spumante, “Capetta” – Italy  £18.95  
  Deep violet in colour with wonderful aromas of blackberries, cherries and plums       Made from grapes gown entirely in the producers vineyards. This light sweet sparkler is delicate, musky and fragrant on the palate. Good with desserts or pastries or on its own for an occasion    
10. Zonda Malbec Shiraz – Argentina    £14.95 18. Ponsard Champagne – France  £34.95  
  Sweet cherry and eucalyptus combine in this soft and easy drinking wine       From the Laurent Perrier Stable, classic baked biscuit flavours mixed with toasty yeast overtones. Great value house champagne    
.       19. Moet et Chandon Brut Impérial – France  £49.95  
          Classic dry and fresh with soft fruit flavour    
  Sherry Dry or Sweet    £2.95   Lager  £2.45  £3.75
  Cinzano Bianco    £2.95   Bitter  £2.45  
  Martini Dry or Sweet    £2.95   Cobra Beer per bottle  £3.25  
  Gin    £2.95   Kingfisher Beer per bottle  £3.25  
  Whisky    £2.95   Cider  £2.45  
  Vodka    £2.95        
  Rum    £2.95   FRUIT JUICES    
  Bacardi    £2.95   Orange Juice  £1.95  
  Martell *** Brandy    £3.25   Grapefruit Juice  £1.95  
  Remy Martin Cognac    £3.75        
  LIQUERS       Coca Cola  £1.95  
  Contreau    £2.95   Orange Squash  £1.95  
  Tia Maria    £2.95   Bitter Lemon  £1.45  
  Benedictine    £2.95   Tonic  £1.45  
  Drambuie    £2.95   Soda  £1.45  
          Lemonade  £1.95  
          Ginger Ale  £1.45